10 Decor Features Every Room Needs

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When it comes to decorating your room you always want that what you are imagining now comes true within a blink of an eye. We always want something unique that no one else ever thought about. Room is a place where we spend most of our time and which gives a feeling of comfort that will help us to forget our hectic life. Here are 10 decor features that will aid you on how to make your room more spacious and different than usual.

Decor through wallpapers

These day wallpapers are an essential choice by most interior designers. You can be your own interior designer by adding your favorite wallpapers on the wall that will make your room look more up-to-date. Wallpapers with patterns on them or with some quotations that give you motivation daily.

Welcoming matt

Inside as well as outside décor is imperative when it comes to your room. Why a welcoming matt outside your room? It will daily invite you in with a warm gesture like your buddy. You can put a vibrant color matt outside that will energize your mood.


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Decor through vases

Vases filled with flowers above the coffee table near the window what else you need if you are a comfort lover. Like waking up, smelling the natural scents makes your day and if the start is wonderful then your whole day will go well.

Decor through rugs

Some of us prefer to sit on the rugs to do daily work. Décor your room with rugs so that it will provide you more space to sit. You can play your favorite indoor games and do some creative things like sketching because it is more comfortable to do such stuff on the floor.

Decor through bookshelf

Those who are book lovers must want something where they can put their book collections. So, why not a bookshelf attached to the wall?  You can put all the favorite books on the shelf instead of searching it in the drawers.

Decor through unique designed furniture

Without beds, side tables and dressing tables every room is incomplete. But if you want your room looks more modern then choose a pure wood color or matt black. And choose a diverse color from your walls otherwise everything looks the same.

Decor through chair

Some unique design chairs nearby the window or on the balcony where you can spend your leisure time by reading a book or drinking a cup of coffee.

Decor through artwork

Like you can hang some of your chosen paintings you purchased from different parts of the world. Or some meaningful art that been your inspiration in life.

Decor through coffee tables

A round table but with the unique design would help you hold some of your important papers, magazines and provide you enough space to put your mug while drinking tea or coffee.

Decor through decoration pieces

Some handmade things or crystal stuff make your room looks more extravagant. Unique things in room keep your taste different from others.


These are a few things that I suggest but everyone has its own sense of taste. I hope it will help you in decorating your room and make your small world look bigger in your eyes.


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