10 Super Easy Tips For Organizing Your New Home

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Moving into a new place is a mentally draining task. Piles, stacks, and clutter keep on forming till the time when it goes completely out of your control. However, if you are an organized person and would rather manage things before the storm, then these tips might come handy for you!

To-Do List

Prior to setting off on the moving-out journey, wrap your head around the fact that it is absolutely going to be done. It may seem gigantic but take your favorite drink with you and a comfortable place where you can make The List.

A checklist always helps. 

You can even make 2 to 3, depending on your needs. You can base the list chronologically or according to the tasks to be executed. A to-do list will assure that you have everything written down and will help to not keep thinking that you are missing out on something. With this chaos of mind aside, you can focus on execution. Let it be sorting things out of your room, shelves, cupboards, shelves, or kitchen, you can make the list according to what needs to be done at what day or time of the day. This list will be used by you, if you have helpers then use it to suggest them work.

Labeling With Sticky Notes

Usage of labels or stamps as an indication of what is inside or what needs to go inside is a tip that can come helpful when there are not 4 but 40 boxes to unpack. This may seem like an everyday tip, but the story starts when you even label drawers, furniture, baskets, boxes, bags, and even the piles. Each sticky note can even state the nature of things inside to avoid breakage or spilling of items. This will make hectic tasks easier but also help in time management. To follow the to-do list made earlier, the tasks can even be the labels.

The reason behind this tip to help you move to a new house is to also make information readable for others. Obviously, you are not moving out alone, even if it is with your family, anyone should know what goes where to avoid chaos and mismanagement.

Plastic Bags and Baskets

There is a lot of items like clothes, cutlery, books, jewelry, makeup, shoes, and other general items. These do not need to be properly packed into boxes since they are unbreakable. Plastic bags, handbags, or even big plastic basket of laundry can be used to quickly just move around and then unpack them when their time comes. This is a task that goes in the end and must not be worried a lot.

A File System

Make a drawer that has a file for every important item. If you have work-related stuff that needs to be taken care of, Make a document, get it printed, and arrange them alphabetically in a file system in an empty drawer so that your important stuff cannot be messed up. You will know exactly where they are when you move into a new home and unpack your things.

There are also some items that you must have unfolded or unhooked. If you need to write details of how to build a bed or a shelf again then make this tip useful over there.

Give-Away Corner

If you are not a hoarder, then there are a bunch of things that do not need to be packed and go with you to your new place. You have to let go for certain things just like you let go of the house for some valid reasons. S, make a corner, a small one, and keep throwing or putting things that you do not need or will go to somebody or might even be considered as charity. You don’t need to be organized for his matter. You only need to filter out what is to be eliminated. Therefore, a give way corner as identified will help you just make things lesser in quantity and will ease pressure on you.

Divide The Rooms

When you finally arrive at your new home, before unpacking or putting down the things. Take the tour, you obviously have before handed identified which rooms are what, but do it again and put the boxes in their relevant places. This will help you to not make a huge pile of boxes, baskets, bags, sheets, and papers. This will divide things and make it clearer to know where to start from. 


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Moreover, if there is alt of space in your garden or garage, then do not overburden yourself by utilizing that space and then doing the task of moving heavy items yourself. This will make things hectic and impossible to achieve. It will add to your unpacking days and not contribute. The tip is to keep things room wise and not at just one big space.

Categorize By Priority

Once the task of unpacking is done, choose where you start! The key is to do the difficult tasks firsts, setting up furniture, carpets, curtains, unboxing cutlery, and other breakable items. The to-do list might help here as well!

Timing is Key

Divide by setting the tasks on a day to day basis. Start on a 3-hour interval, take breaks, and don’t spend too much energy doing one thing.


If you have moved to the kitchen, you can multi-task on unboxing the items for other rooms as well. This will clear out space as well.

Make Shelves

Get the shelves hung to walls at last which will add to the decorative being placed. The last of things that could include, art, paintings, clothes, and other items that are not of your utmost priority and you don’t need labor for that. This will aid in your worries as well.


These are the things which will help you organize your home in a better and attractive way. Don’t worry! The tasks are a lot easier if you follow these simple steps of moving into a new home.


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