The Best Drawing Room Decor Tips for 2020

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Who doesn’t dream of a house that is built like a painting by an artist? Every inch measured and decorated with finesse and love that is only pure. Let it be a woman or a man, a place where you get to showcase your creative side that is also where you live is an option undeniable. The focal point of the house resides in its drawing-room. Almost every other house has one central spacious area where they display their best designs.

Not only a drawing-room reflect the environment of your entire house when guests come to visit, but it also is where you decide to put all the luxurious and expensive items that you have collected. In a time where millions of ideas float and so many inspirations to fathom, here are a few tips to help you express your passion to design your drawing room.

Let’s begin!


The Expanse of the Area

To narrow down ideas and help you decide where to start, it is best to look at the drawing room from its entrance. Stand at the gateway and look at how much it expands. Ask yourself if it is spacious or has narrow walls. Everything else follows it.

A spacious drawing room can have much to offer. From larger furniture to more number of paintings and art without offering much clutter. You can play around with darker hues and even go for printed carpets and rugs. The focus can be on the sofas where it’s ideal to go as fancy as a bride!

Narrower walls or smaller drawing rooms must reflect elegance and simplicity. The color scheme plays a crucial part here where wallpapers might make the room appear smaller. Choose and filter out items to keep the small space intact and easy on the eyes. Go for the “less is more” approach!

Color Scheme is Your Magic Wand

The artist in you will be a major help here. Keep in mind that your drawing room also sets the interior for the entire house. If you go for the lighter hues, that will reflect everywhere, if you keep it wild and bright, that is what you see in the rest of the rooms too.

Darker walls with stripes and higher contrast wallpapers narrow the room but also is highly preferred to give warmth and comfort. Since guests will be coming in, it’s the ultimate go-to choice. On the contrary, drawing rooms are also a symbol of elegance and fancy things. Golden, fawn, pearl, white, off-white, silver, light blue, and mustards are usually used in combinations. Moreover, the rest of the house does not require much decoration that fancy, it is a trend to keep drawing rooms to a more fancy side. Let’s not shy away from wild gold and silvers!

Every Artist has a Theme/Story

If you are a simplistic person, go for a floral or nude theme. Floral on the wall with minimally patterned carpets and sofas that are not of loud colors. These days, neutral colors like baby pink and powder blue are contrasted with silver or gold to display elegance and reflect your personality. This is best for a calm and sophisticated look.

However, if you’re a jolly or a loud person who always has guests over. Having a large social circle with drawing being used almost every other day, then go for darker shades for sofas and armchairs since they will not get ruined. Wooden floor and a dark theme is preferred. Woody or brick textured walls and floors with huge paintings and wooden shelves. A big coffee table for everyone that will accommodate the guests and also go with the wooden theme.

Lighting and Chandeliers go a Long Way

To set the tone and environment, the lighting of your drawing room is the key. If you have gone with the fancier theme, having a luxurious and large chandelier in the center of the room, it will showcase it even more. Warm lighting using only yellow or lighter hues will reflect on any fancy or shiny ornament present. For a wooden theme, the warm tones work better but if the theme is simplicity then go for casual hanging bulbs and side lamps that will give off a more mellow down and friendly environment.

Fairy lights are a never going trend. They don’t have to just be limited to bedrooms and art rooms. You can use these lights around the swing set you have in your drawing room or even use them for your own hung paintings.

Personalize your Art and Collections

Having paintings on the walls will not only add to the other tips but it will also personify your love for art. If you are a fan of antiques and have traveled around the world with lots of souvenirs, it’s time to show them off.
Moreover, the new trend these days is to create art out of anything. If you have scented candles, precious crockery, or even unique fabrics/cloths, display them on the center table.

In the midst of thousands of pictures, having a family wall, or even a friends’ memory wall will give your guests something to talk about or discuss over lunch. A drawing room does not necessarily have to be hefty and a place to just look at. You can personalize it with your life to give it more meaning. Gone are the days where drawing rooms were just to be looked at, untouched. Use your own shelves, frame your personal memories and you can definitely give visitors an inspiring stream of thoughts.

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips find you in clouds of ideas and thoughts to set-up your own drawing rooms. These tips have been helpful to indulge in customizing drawing room set-ups. This is the time to execute something out of the blue and not follow trends because you never know when your own idea becomes the next talk of the town!


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