7 Inspiring Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Redecorating your bathroom on a budget might be easier than you thought. Either you are a spender or a saver, these bathroom decor ideas are going to inspire you to roll your sleeves and begin making your bathrooms look aw-spirational!




An easy yet impactful way to make your bathrooms look like designer-made. It is not heavy on your pockets and the results that come after little effort are striking. If you have smaller bathrooms, then placing mirrors on the sidewalls will not only make it look bigger but it will add to the overall look of the bathroom.

There are various shapes and designs cheaply and easily available. You can play with round mirrors for a more feminine touch and big square mirrors for a more rugged look.

Mirrors are also helpful for doing your makeup in the bathroom with lights hung around it. You can even personalize the mirrors by adding decorations like beads, jute, leaves, ribbons, led lights, or even wood.




Who doesn’t love colorful and fragrant flowers, healthy herbs, and freshly cut leaves? This great fix is not only stunning on the eyes but it also had its health benefits with more and more oxygen from the indoor plants available in the compact walls of your bathroom. A shower might feel ten times better with a colorful and fragrant sight and you might just go extra on those flowers you were gifted by someone you love!

A simple vase can even do the trick on the slab you often use with the washing sink. A wall with indoor climbing plants might go a long way and look beautiful. It’s not so hard to water them in the bathroom. Nature lovers might love this cheap and easy to do tip and hop on to their gardens or nearest nurseries!




An organized corner, let it be in your bathroom always looks neat, classy, creative, and elegant. Gone are the days when everything was stacked in huge cupboards and nothing was displayed. Not only had it made it so difficult to take out what you need at a moment of time, but it also didn’t contribute to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Using huge compartments, drawers, small shelves, stackers and drawers are a new thing. Do not shy away if your shampoos and bottles, or eve makeup are on display. Show it off on easy smaller shelves. It’s a bathroom, keeping it high maintenance will not help you nor will add to its outlook. Cheap ways to get these drawers is to make them yourself or get your carpenter to do it for you at affordable rates.




Any fabric that has a good print on it or even a nice shade of plain cloth that can be stitched, or an old curtain can always be used as a separator or a window curtain in the bathrooms.

The prints can be something you love, any character, or even go according to the color scheme of your bathroom. You can contrast them with walls too. Light-colored curtains may even help you make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Most people already use plastic separators, but it’s an old trend. Going all out on curtains may be the next thing in the design world.


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Easy, stitched, and affordable choice of curtains can help you transform your bathroom design into changing rooms as well. You can always go for more ways. Use a curtain at the bathtub or even just on that small window that looks creepy to you. Curtains are not hard to do option, in fact, it may be all that your bathroom needs to go on that level of sophistication!




As simple as it seems, the impact is gigantic. Get that old lamp in your store or the lights you only use on Eid or Christmas, put it on the shelves or around the mirror you just placed, and voila! You have an aesthetically driver bathroom space. Not only it’s cheap but it’s pretty on the eyes. For ladies, it’s a need.

Makeup stations are often found in bathrooms, so lights are a vital part to think over when decorating your bathrooms. Neon lights are also a new thing. Mostly easily found, along with fairy lights are much popular yet as much liked type of lighting. You can place it yourself and even try to be creative with it using lamps in the slabs for that bathroom picture you wanted to take!




From years, candles have never got out of the trend! Even with several replacements, this beauty trend is loved by make. Scented candles, to normal wax candles, look pretty no matter where you place them. They come in many variants now, choose the ones that are most safe and smaller on space for your bathroom slabs, walls, bathtubs, and shelves and it will instantly transform your entire outlook of the space. Candles are cheap to buy and can be usually found in homes too.




Grab a paint box and let the color be chosen by your heart. It’s your bathroom and it can be any shade you want. Painted walls have never been obsolete, in fact, plain walls are always preferred for bathrooms since they are easy on the eyes and avoid unnecessary clutter. A roller or a paintbrush that’s thick to coat the walls will help you even paint those old tiles that have gone stale from water. You can even paint on that wooden slab of yours and even get colored texture!



Any of these DIYs or decor tips are easy and affordable if you are still not out of your boredom and nor your quarantine. Show off your imagination and use things that you might just find in your homes.
The tips are helpful for those who are looking to give their bathroom decor a touch of creativity. It may sound new but it can be something that is the new thing!


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